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The 16th Busan International Performing Arts Festival 2019.5.17.(Fri)~5.26.(Sun)


Invitational Performance

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Aux Pieds de la Lettre
Country : France·Brazil Production Company : Company Dos a Deux
Date : 2019-05-21~2019-05-22 Venue : Busan Cinema Center Haneulyeon Theatre
Time : 21st(Tue), 22nd(Wed) 19:30 Running time : 100 min
Age restriction : 12 rating Ticket : 30,000won
Genre : Website :

 The original title, "Aux Pieds De La Lettre," which means "the end of the letter and the end of the message to the other person without meaning," is an ironic metaphor for the message of the performance. "The words behind words" means 'there is a hidden inner meaning' in Korean proverbs, which is that behind the ostensible and colorful figures of artists is the pain and anguish of creation. The madness and captivity that the artists themselves chose for better creation, and the loneliness that they have to deal with themselves. They have hidden pain and anguish of creation behind the fancy figures. It is a hidden masterpiece of "Dos à Deux" that expresses the struggle of artists for creation, only in the language of the body. 

* Please refer to the performance schedule for the detailed times and locations. 

 "Dos à Deux", which means 'two lamps', was founded in France by Brazilian artists. Their unique artistry, which has evolved over the years, has attracted the attention of audiences and critics all over the world, and has performed more than 1,800 performances in 50 countries. They mainly use the despair and daily depression of society as creative material and express the play with the actors' body and marionettes.

 * Please refer to the performance schedule for the detailed times and locations.

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